size of the squares used: 30 30 cm

size of the squares used: 1 1 cm


The Polyomino Game is a collaboration between Russian fashion designer Lisa Shahno and jewellery designer Tania Hennessy of Aroha Silhouettes, Canada who have found each other on Flickr and have never met in real life. Over a span of six months each designer created seven pieces following a set of specific rules.

The rules of the game were precise and simple: each designer was to create seven unique pieces exclusively using combinations of squares. To add an element of difficulty, Lisa Shahno’s designs were restricted to using only squares 30 x 30 cm while Tania Hennessy’s jewellery and accessories had to be based only on 1 x 1 cm squares. The colour palette was also restricted to black, white, grey and violet.

The final step in the game was a photoshoot of the complete collection in Moscow directed by Lisa Shahno.

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